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Crazy Nate

2 Share a Smile Stickers

2 Share a Smile Stickers

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You get 2 stickers for $1, so you can share one with your best friend.

If you want to be stuck on the idea to share a smile, then now is your chance. This will remind you and your friends that sharing smiles are fun! This goes great on your computer, or phone, or your favorite notebook. There are endless possibilities to where you can stick this.

Send me a picture showing me what you stuck it on, and your picture could end up on, or maybe even in a video.

This high quality oval Share a smile sticker is made of white vinyl high glass with UV protection. That means this sticker will go great on something you own or have permission to put it on. And it will hold up indoors or outdoors, wet or dry, just don't go swimming with it.

SIZE: 2" x 3.5"


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