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Crazy Nate

Frozen Rainbow - Freeze Dried Skittles (original, sour, wild berry, & smoothie)

Frozen Rainbow - Freeze Dried Skittles (original, sour, wild berry, & smoothie)

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Embark on a taste bud journey that's truly out of this world with our Complete Collection: Freeze-Dried Skittles! Here, we don't just taste the rainbow; we freeze it! Brace yourself for an intergalactic flavor explosion as each freeze-dried Skittle from our Original, Wild Berry, Sour, and Smoothie flavors takes on a crunchy, celestial twist.

From the classic fruitiness of the Original flavor to the wild zest of Wild Berry, the tangy kick of Sour, and the creamy delight of Smoothie, each variety offers a unique cosmic treat. It's like a flavor comet colliding with your senses, leaving behind an extraterrestrial burst of fruity joy across multiple dimensions. Whether you're a seasoned space explorer or a candy connoisseur, this diverse collection promises a "Freeze the Rainbow" experience that's as bold and vibrant as the cosmos itself.

Get ready to launch your palate on a zero-gravity adventure with our Complete Collection of Freeze-Dried Skittles – it's so tasty, it's practically in orbit! 🚀🌈

Select your favorite flavor and size now, and experience the ultimate freeze-dried sensation!

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