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Crazy Nate

Wild Berry Frozen Rainbow (7 oz)

Wild Berry Frozen Rainbow (7 oz)

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Embark on a taste bud journey that's truly out of this world with our Frozen Rainbow: Freeze-Dried Skittles WILD BERRY! Here, we don't just taste the rainbow; we freeze it! Brace yourself for an intergalactic flavor explosion as each freeze-dried Skittle takes on a crunchy, celestial twist.

It's like a flavor comet colliding with your senses, leaving behind an extraterrestrial burst of fruity joy. Whether you're a seasoned space explorer or a candy connoisseur, this cosmic treat promises a "Freeze the Rainbow" experience that's as bold and vibrant as the cosmos.

Get ready to launch your palate on a zero-gravity adventure with Frozen Rainbow – it's so tasty, it's practically in orbit! 🚀🌈

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